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Funky Areas

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Troys Barn

Troy is our best mate!  Troy and his beautiful family have been in our lives for over 15 years. Troy has inspired us to actually do what we are doing. Troy was born with cerebral palsy which has presented so many challenges. Being brought up on a horse property, animals have always played a massive roll in Troy’s life. Troy is 43 years old and loves his country music and looking after his pet chooks. Troy’s a great example of how animal therapy can have a positive impact on lives, therefore, we’re really proud to name our farm yard exhibition after him! 

Amica's Paddock

The unexpected loss of Amica Norford in 2014 had a massive impact on our local community. Amica was a special person, born with a health issue that became a progressive illness which eventually took her life at the age of just 31. From her earliest years (18 months), her love of animals was obvious and unconditional. Just seeing her crawling over and around horses while they were lying down was part of that special bond she had with animals. Over the years her pets included dogs, cats, mice, turtles, sheep, goats, fish, birds and guinea pigs to name just a few. Amica’s passion was teaching young kids how to ride horses and interact with animals with the dream to someday open her own petting Zoo. We want to keep Amica’s dream alive there for we have named our 2 Acre nature walk enclosure Amica’s Paddock. It’s home to our mob of grey kangaroos, three species of wallabies, as well as emus and even a deer. 

Dingo Den

Dave has been a part of the farewell before it became funky. 11 years ago we originally turned this vacant block into a horse property where Dave and his wife Sharon put the first post in the ground. Since then so much has changed with our imagination going wild. With Dave’s expertise he has managed to build the best zoo quality enclosures for birds horses and of course our dingoes. With his trusty blue heeler Bobby, always by his side, nothing is impossible for Dave.

Binyang Arena

Binyang is a traditional Aboriginal word that means birds. With Sam’s Aboriginal heritage we really wanted to have the Aboriginal theme scattered throughout the Funky Farm in different ways. With amazing art and artifacts on display, one of our goals is to educate people on Aboriginal culture. 

The Binyang arena gives everyone the opportunity to see and meet all of our feathered friends. This 14 metre high enclosure gives our birds the opportunity to fly high, showcasing their individual traits. There’s an array of different species, including the red tailed black cockatoos, Major Mitchells, macaws and owls to name a few. The Binyang arena also gives us the opportunity to introduce our visitors to other animals without walking too far, with crocodiles, wombats and even the dingoes coming out for a play. 


The Funky Barn

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