Some of our animals at the farm.


An amazing fact is that some snakes lay eggs and some don't, and Cleo the 2.5 meter Cape York Carpet Python is actually looking for a partner which is going to be difficult. Why? Well, it seems her species lives in the tropical climate of northern Oz. Cleo is possibly the laziest snake here at the Funky Farm but she loves human company too.


Measuring in at 1 meter, 7 year old crikey is not even a quarter of his size as yet. Salt water crocodiles can get to 7 meters long and they are not a reptile you want to mess with. Salts are so smart, quick and quiet so it's best you always keep your wits about when in there territory. Crikey has been at the Funky Farm for almost 2 years and is a must-see when you visit.



Is our Tasmanian Pademelon . He is at times very friendly. You can interact with him, he loves a cuddle. Sam hand raised him and he was living in the bathroom until he would attack Chris when he got out of the shower and has since moved to a beautiful enclosure



Known to be quite playful is our common wombat. He is 2 years old , loves a cuddle and a run around with the dogs. He has to come inside at night as he doesn't like sleeping outside.


Also known as a goanna, Kevin is a lace monitor which are the second largest monitors in Australia growing to over 6 foot. There are about 30 different species of goannas, 25 of which are found here in Australia. Kevin loves to eat insects, small rodents and small eggs. Kevin has large claws and is always looking to get to higher ground when feeling threatened. However it's best to leave Kevin's family alone if you see them in your travels. Monitors lay about 14 eggs when reproducing and house themselves in hollow logs when the colder weather is around.


Princess Holly

Holly has grown up on the farm and has always run with our dogs, she lives under our house, she prefers this rather  than living away from her best mate Sasha the Alsatian x. You will see Holly roaming around doing as she likes.


Genghis is the loveable playful resident cocky on our farm. He is as cheeky as they come, Chris and Sam have had him since he was a baby, now at the age of 19 he pretty much rules the farm. Loves being the centre of attention he is always good for a laugh.


Here are our family of miniature goats. They devour everything and anything in their path. They are quite funny to watch playing and running around.


He is a gentle giant standing at a tiny 18.2hh. Former Carlton Draught lead Clydesdale he has retired to the farm. Hamish is an absolute gentleman, will never turn down a chance to get a good scratch. Loves a carrot or an apple. He lives with his little mate Darcy who is a miniature horse and also the boss of the paddock


He's a very inquisitive little bearded dragon. Every morning he sits with his arm resting watching everything that is going on. They are one of the most friendliest lizards. Although they look prickly they are quite soft.


Is one our smallest marsupials at the farm, he can fit in the palm of your hand very easily. This cute little Sugar Glider loves the company of his stuffed toy more than his own kind also his favourite food is corn.


Haim is the Highland steer with a bit of cheek loves a brush and a play when you are in the paddock with him. H's a hairy boy his beautiful brown locks bounce around when he runs for his feed at night.At 4 years old he is fully grown, originating from Scotland he does prefer the colder weather but is always happy to come up for a feed.


The second of our crocodiles here at the farm he is probably the feistier one of the two. He is a fresh water crocodile found in water holes up north people have been known to swim with them but I wouldn't be swimming with Fluffy.


She is one of only a handful of non native birds here at the farm. She is a 2yr old Blue and Gold Macaw originating from South America, One of the louder birds here. She confuses our dogs when she calls out their names. 


Boo is our second cheeky common wombat. She weighs in at a whopping 32kg. Given to us by Ballarat Wildlife Park. She's enjoying her new digs with her boyfriend Wade.


Our 2 little Tamar Wallabies, they are just a year old. You will find these guys in South and Western Australia. They look as though they are coming for a hug when they hop towards you as their little arms are stretched out.


Two of the absolute cutest little faces you will see , they are Rufous Bettongs. These cute little nocturnal marsupials are found in coastal and sub coastal areas from NSW to QLD.


Kevin lives at the farm and works for Ch7 doing the jockey interviews with Chris . He was Prince of Penzance in the up and  coming movie Ride like a Girl. From then he has become a household name within the racing industry.

So these are only a handful of our animals, come down and visit us at The Funky Farm and meet all of our 200+ animals...

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