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Chris and Sam have always had a passion for horses both working in the equine industry and riding for pleasure. In 2008 they purchased the vacant 10 acre property on Coolart road in Hastings, Where they originally set it up for horses and built a home. Their first non equine animal was a pet cockatoo called Genghis and from there their tiny family started to grow. Since then Chris, Sam and the daughter Ziva have grown the farm into a specialised facility for Specials needs adults and children to come and interact with all kinds of Australian native animals ranging from Snakes, lizards to dingoes, kangaroos and of course the iconic Koala. Unlike most sanctuaries you are given the opportunity to come up close and personal with their beloved animals.

Mission Statement

Learn, smell, hold and touch Nature. All will be welcome, No challenge is to great. Supporting us can only help us support others. 


What You Will Experience

You will have a full personalised hands on 1.5 hour interactive tour. 

We keep our groups small so that all can enjoy the experience with our beautiful animals.

Some of the animals you will meet are our Tyrone the Emu, Wombats Boo and Wade.

You will get to meet and cuddle a Dingo.

and that's just to name a few.

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